NGC 2419, a very distant globular cluster in Lynx.

Globular cluster NGC 2419

The globular cluster NGC 2419 (also called Caldwell 25) has been nicknamed "the Intergalactic Wanderer" because for many years it was believed not to be in orbit around the Milky Way. It is now known to be in a very distant orbit which takes it further away from the galactic centre than the Magellanic Clouds. It is an intrinsically very bright cluster, probably the brightest in orbit around the MW and despite its great distance of 84.2 kpc it is of ninth magnitude and visible in small telescopes.

Image information
Date and time of observation  2018-11-30 04:30 UT
Telescope 0.4m f/6.5 Dilworth-Relay
Filter None
Exposure 900s
Centre of image RA 07h38m11.5s  Dec +38°53'02"
Image dimensions 8.8 arcmin × 6.0 arcmin