Himalia, or Jupiter VI


Himalia is the sixth largest Jovian satellite in size, about 170 km in diameter, and the fifth largest by mass. It is relatively bright, at around 15th magnitude, and so fairly easy to observe. When this image was taken Jupiter and its satellites were located within a dense portion of the Milky Way in Ophiuchus, which explains why there are so many stars of comparable or greater brightness in the image.

Image information
Date and time of observation  2019-06-20 01:30 UT
Telescope 0.4m f/6.5 Dilworth-Relay
Filter None
Exposure 10×60s median-stacked
Centre of image RA 17h06m25.4s  Dec -22°28'16"
Image dimensions 8.5 arcmin × 6.2 arcmin