Phoebe, or Saturn IX


Phoebe is a small outer satellite of Saturn and was discovered back in 1899, the first satellite to be discovered photographically and was the outermost known moon for over a century. It is around 213 km in diameter and almost spherical. Phoebe was magnitude 16.7 at the time of observation. The two marked stars, A and B, are UCAC4 341-186181 and UCAC4 341-186163 respectively and have V magnitudes of 14.75 and 14.46.

Image information
Date and times of observation  2019-06-20 04:45 UT
Telescope 0.4m f/6.5 Dilworth-Relay
Filter None
Exposure 18×30s+11×120s (total 1860s) median-stacked
Centre of image RA 19h17m37.7s  Dec -21°50'56"
Image dimensions 5.9 arcmin × 4.3 arcmin